Research paper

Course Assignments
Power Point Presentation Outline of Term Paper – 50 Points
Create a slideshow that highlights the selected organization that will be the theme of
your Operations Management Paper. List some issues and metrics that pertain to
potential problems in the format of the transformation process diagram discussed in the
book. Note in the transformation process component areas of concern and devise a few
(3-5) topical questions that will get you thinking about the term paper. Be prepared to
brief your slide show in class if selected by the instructor. Try and note metrics that can
be used and measured between the as-is condition and the to-be condition. These
metrics are how you will determine success. Note that metrics can pertain to financial
and non-financial measures. Submit your 3-5 slide presentation first draft at the end of
Week 1 and make recommended changes for grades at the end of Week 4 with your
term paper. You may be called upon to present your slides in class.
Weekly Quizzes – 120 points

National University 10/11/2021
Operations Management Course (MGT603)

There will be a weekly quiz composed of true/false and multiple choice questions. Each
question will come from reading or from the weekly chats. Each question is worth 3
points and there will be ten (10) questions in each quiz.
Operations Management Term Paper – 100 points
Each student will prepare a paper that analyzes an operations management related
problem in an organization that is highly familiar to the student. Ideally, the student
should use their work as the topic; it will be possible to choose an organization other
than work provided that the student can meet the requirements of the assignment.
Operations management requires the use of financial and non-financial metrics so it is
important that the student provides a graduate candidate’s analysis on the topics
covered in the book, class and referential material from the library. Please use peer-
reviewed references, or those that come from a source that is reliable. References to
Wikipedia and other such sites are not acceptable nor are they scholastic. It is perfectly
legitimate to use and cite interviews with your supervisors and peers as a reference;
you must use at least 5 peer reviewed articles and the book as research instruments for
this paper. Proper citing is mandatory in APA format.
Operations management focuses on numbers and objectives that are measurable. This
is not a paper whereby the student provides an overview without portraying facts and
figures pertaining to the selected organization. The paper requires research; you will be
expected to integrate concepts from the course to better understand the situation and
make recommendations for improvement on a process, project or program as described
in class and the book.
Papers should demonstrate the student’s integration of the materials from the course
related to the business chosen as the target topic of the paper. This paper will require
analysis of operations management issues in an organization that is familiar to the
student. The paper will require the following sections: (Pages are recommended
1. Introduction
2. Clear Problem Statement: Describe the organization and what it does; prepare
a brief problem statement of an operations management issue in a selected
organization. Include a clear question you wish to answer through the process of
writing the paper. (1 page) (10 Points)

2. As-Is
Select one
of the
topics that
you will
discuss and describe the current condition, process, project, or root problem to
solve. Use at least two (2) of the Quality Tools (Charts) to illustrate the current
condition as it exists. You can use PowerPoint, Excel or Word to facilitate the
diagramming method to illustrate the as-is condition. Make sure you focus on the
issue of your topic do not explain the tool you are using. The concepts in the list

National University 10/11/2021
Operations Management Course (MGT603)

are pre-approved. You may request approval to use an alternate
concept. (2 pages (Not Including Chart)) (20 Points)
3. Analysis: List the inefficiencies of the current condition; illustrate the cause-and-
effects to the business unit if changes are not made. List gap issues as they
pertain to efficiencies in service or products as a result of the current business
condition. Apply the analysis concepts in terms of measurable facts that can be
used to prove the current condition and to measure success. (2-3 pages) (20
4. To-Be Condition – Proposed Improvement/Solution: Describe the changes
that will improve the current business condition; use the quality tool selected in
the Current Condition to illustrate changes that will improve the performance of
the problem statement. State the benefits as a result of making the change in
terms of customer, stakeholder satisfaction, efficiencies, or cost reductions. Use
the facts presented in the analysis statements as indicators of improvement.
Keep in mind that they must be measurable (2 pages Not Including Chart) (30
5. Conclusion: Conclude the paper with a well written, and compelling
recommendation to either proceed with the change or to abort the effort. (20
Points) (1 – 2 Pages)
6. References: APA Format and proper citings within the text of the paper.
Make sure you have each section in your paper and follow APA guidelines for papers.
Remember to use at least five (5) peer reviewed references for this paper.
Choose a concept from the following list and use that theme for your paper:
• Improved Product Life Cycle Analysis
• Cost Reduction Process Improvement
• Customer Satisfaction Process Improvement
• Supply Side Process Improvement
• Market Side Process Improvement
• Outsourcing Analysis of a Current Internal Capability
• Job Description Analysis to Appropriately Staff an Existing Process

During Week 1 and 2 students will turn in a slide show in MS PowerPoint to assist them
with writing the final paper. This will be reviewed to provide preliminary feedback on the
progress towards a completed paper. Please indicate the Quality Tools being used. A
rough draft is due during week 1 and final submittal in week two as outlined elsewhere
WARNING: This assignment is different from what you have experienced in other
classes. Pay very close attention to the “facts and figures” requirement of this paper;
operations management is based upon objectives that can be measured. Nebulous
objectives and performance metrics yield inappropriate results; business is all about

National University 10/11/2021
Operations Management Course (MGT603)

results so the analysis of the current condition must have parameters that
are frequently measured as a natural course of doing business.
It is very important that you pay attention to the directions above and comply with each
of the requirements. Weaknesses of past papers have included not addressing each of
the required areas. Missing a section means the points are lost. Organizing the paper
differently from the requirements leads to producing a more superficial, descriptive
paper rather than the required analytical treatment. It is to your benefit to make it easy
for the instructor to find the material by following the prescribed format and APA
Frequently, students forget to refine their problem statement. The problem statement
should be a concise question that is to be answered in the paper. Failure to state a
clear problem statement in the first section of the paper will result in an immediate loss
of 10 points. Section 1 of the paper should build an introduction that leads to a clear
and concise problem statement and is where the paper prepares the reader for the
following analysis. Use a concept from the approved list or receive written permission
to use an alternative. Do not integrate introductory section with the analysis section.
Remember, recommendations are expected to address a question through practical
actions. A final word, ask questions for clarification.
Term papers will be from 10-12 pages long (not including reference page or other pages
you may choose to use, i.e. cover page, table of contents, or abstract page), doubled
spaced, 12 point Times-New Roman or Arial type, one inch margins, and use the APA
standards for reporting references. You must use a minimum of five outside, peer-
reviewed articles from the university’s online library. Papers not using required outside,
peer-reviewed sources will result in up to a 10 point deduction. All sources used must
be properly cited. This includes all web pages used, whether you use quotes or not.
Final Exam (Instructor’s Option) – 100 points
There will be a comprehensive exam consisting of 10 short essay questions.
Chat Discussions – 5 points each week for a total of 20 points
The first Chat will be on Wednesday night at 6:00pm-8pm (PST). Chats will take place
using the university’s voice over internet program, Blackboard Collaborate. [Note: If you
have not used this before, it requires the use of a headset that has both earphones and
a microphone. You will be able to download the software the first time you use the
program. This software is not compatible with the Apple OS.]
Prepare for each chat by reviewing the “chat questions” for that week and be prepared
to answer them. Consideration of the chat questions prior to participation in the chat is
expected. This will be reflected in your serious/useful contributions to the chat. You are

National University 10/11/2021
Operations Management Course (MGT603)

expected to make several contributions. You are expected to demonstrate
you are a participant in the discussion by responding both to instructor’s questions and
to the contributions of others.
Week One (Tue) 6:00-8:00 Course Introduction & Week One Questions
Week Two (Tue) 6:00-8:00 Preparation for Mid-term & Week Two


Week Three (Tue) 6:00-8:00 Preparation for Paper & Week Three


Week Four (Tue) 6:00-8:00 Preparation for Final & Week Four Questions

Threaded Discussion – 30 points each week for 120 points
The purpose of the Threaded Discussion is to foster a conversation among students
regarding the course content. Each week there are three (3) discussion questions that
guide this conversation. You are expected to create a thoughtful essay response to
each question and to post them by Friday. On Saturday you are expected to post
responses to a minimum of three (3) questions posted by others; furthermore, you are
expected to respond to any questions you receive from others. Do not respond to the
same students and make sure that you assist others in their learning experience by
going to different students. Spread out responses over the entire class; as a guideline,
students will have three (3) responses to questions, three (3) responses to others and
one summary posting for a total of seven (7) posts. This keeps the dialogue going and
reinforces the topics for week.
Grades will be earned based on how coherent your essay responses are and how well
they present positions based on course material. Responses directly to essay question
will be two paragraphs of about 400 words. The first paragraph answers the question
entire question. The second paragraph is an example of the concept in use, or how it
could be used, in your business environment or based upon your experience as a
consumer. Copying material from the book does not constitute a response; you
must use new terms and topics from the book in your own prose and then discuss how
your organization might benefit from the concept. Copying material from the text does
not receive much credit; use your own words to respond to discussion questions.
Cite text you copy from a previous article or book in APA style. Be careful not to have
more than 10% of your paper content copied from other sources. The instructor uses
SafeGuard to determine how much of your written content is copied. This is your
opportunity to demonstrate your understanding; you will need to demonstrate that you
have integrated that understanding to sufficiently use it to better comprehend an OM
topic. Responses to others need to be more extensive than “I agree.” What topics do
you agree or disagree with? Why? Under what premise do you make your assertion?
Are there questions their essays raise in your mind? Ask questions demonstrating your

National University 10/11/2021
Operations Management Course (MGT603)

knowledge and will make it easier for your classmates to respond to you.
Bring some of the course material into all of your responses including the final one of
the week.
Write a summary at the end of the week providing a brief overview of what you
learned. The summary should be done on Friday and Saturday as your final posting.
Include a brief synopsis on topics that you can apply to your current position.
Note: Since these weekly discussions are a critical part of the course and may be
entered at any time (asynchronous) on the specified days there will be no makeup
assignments for contributions which are missed.

Essay open Response open Final Summary open
Week One: Mon – Fri Fri – Sat Sat – Sun
Week Two: Mon – Fri Fri – Sat Sat – Sun
Week Three: Mon – Fri Fri – Sat. Sat – Sun
Week Four: Mon – Fri Fri – Sat Sat – Sun
There will be five opportunities to earn
points towards the final grade. These
assignments will include chats,
discussions, mid-term, final exam, and
an individual paper.
Opportunity Possible Points
Slide Show 50 points
Quizzes 120 points
Term Paper 100 points
Chats 20 points
Threaded discussion 100 points
Final Exam 100 points
Total 490 points

Each assignment will receive a
number grade. The total points earned
at the end of the course will determine
the letter grade, using the scale below.
Score Grade Points/credit
490-455 A 4.0 ≥ 93%
454-465 A- 3.7 ≥ 90%
464-426 B+ 3.3 ≥ 88%
425-406 B 3.0 ≥ 83%
405-392 B- 2.7 ≥ 80%
391-377 C+ 2.3 ≥ 78%
376-357 C 2.0 ≥ 73%
356-343 C- 1.7 ≥ 70%
Below 342 F 0.0 < 70%

Definition of Grades:
A Outstanding Achievement –exceptional performance above the standards of the

National University 10/11/2021
Operations Management Course (MGT603)

B Commendable Achievement –exceeding the basic standards of the class
C Marginal Achievement – meeting the basic standards of the class
F Failing – unacceptable work below the basic standards of the class
I Incomplete – A grade given when a student who has completed at least two-thirds
of the course class sessions and is unable to complete the course requirements
due to uncontrollable and unforeseen circumstances. The student must convey
(preferably in writing) these circumstances to the instructor prior to the final day of
the course. If the instructor decides that an "Incomplete" is warranted, the
instructor must convey the conditions for removal of the Incomplete to the student
in writing. A copy must also be placed on file with the Office of the Registrar until
the Incomplete is removed or the time limit for removal has passed. An
"Incomplete" must be removed no later than the second complete quarter following
the original course completion date, but may be for a shorter period at the
discretion of the instructor. An "I" not removed within the stipulated time becomes
an "F." No grade points are assigned. The "F" will be calculated in the grade point
Class Policies
Learning to work with and value diversity is essential in every business program.
Students are required to act respectfully toward other students and instructors
throughout the course. Students are also expected to exhibit an appreciation for
multinational and gender diversity in the class and develop management skills and
judgment appropriate to such diversity in the workplace.
Students are expected to be competent in using word-processing, spreadsheet, and
presentation software in this course. Use of the Internet and E-Mail are also required.
Use of Blackboard Collaborate is a requirement. Make sure you have a headset as
you will be presenting in this course.
Writing Across the Curriculum:
Students are expected to demonstrate writing skills in describing, analyzing and
evaluating ideas and experiences. Written reports and research papers must follow
specific standards regarding citations of an author’s work within the text and references
at the end of the paper. Students are encouraged to use the services of the University’s
Writing Center when preparing materials.
Cheating, plagiarism and other academic dishonesty

National University 10/11/2021
Operations Management Course (MGT603)

The university policy on academic dishonesty is clear: Students are expected to
conduct themselves in a responsible manner that reflects ethics, honor, and good
citizenship. . . . It is the student’s responsibility to maintain academic honesty and
integrity. . . . Any form of academic dishonest, or inappropriate conduct by students may
result in penalties ranging from warning to dismissal. . . .
Academic dishonesty includes cheating, plagiarism, and any attempt to obtain credit for
academic work through fraudulent, deceptive, or dishonest means. Below is a list of
some of the forms academic may take.
• Using or attempting to use unauthorized materials, information, or study aides in
any academic course.
• Submitting work previously submitted in another course without the consent of
the instructor.
• Sitting for an examination by surrogate or acting as a surrogate.
• Representing the words, ideas, or work of another as one’s own in any academic
• Conducting any act that defrauds the academic process.
Refer to page 53 of the 2017 General Catalog for additional information on academic

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